🔥Trailblazing NFTs with collectable, economic, community and ecosystem value

Digital collectables can capture value in many ways. Primarily, these are economic, collectable, ecosystem and community related value. Our NFTs are the first that we know of to capture all of these types of value. You can read more about the topic of value in depth here.

Economic value - NFTs that can earn passive income from fantasy product sales

In creating a marketable fantasy world, we can release a wealth of products including novels, games, eBooks, audio books and streaming, digital and physical collectables, merchandise, and much more. We work with a leading legal services partner to ensure that our NFT holders can earn income from the sales of these fantasy products while meeting relevant regulatory and legal requirements.

Collectable value - Truly collectable NFTs, like Pokémon cards, stamps, art, and coins

Our NFTs are collectables. They’re like trading cards, postage stamps, art pieces, coins, comic books, and other items people collect. The products we create, community experiences, our marketing, and other value streams can increase the collectable value and demand for the NFTs.

We’re the first NFT project that we’re aware of to close the gap between economic and collectable value. Most projects don’t have a viable economic value proposition, and the few that have one don’t meaningfully link that business to the collectability of their NFTs.

Ecosystem value - NFTs with exclusive access to games, communities, products, physical collectables and more

Our NFTs give holders access to a wealth of ecosystem benefits. We’ll continually grow these benefits as the ecosystem grows to ensure expansive value capture.

Early access, and in-game perks in ‘Elderworld, the Legacy’

Our browser-based fantasy game, starting with Enter the Portal events.

Exclusive access to highly collectable products

Such as hand-signed, limited edition hardcover prints of our fantasy novels.

Voting to shape and influence the project

Our NFT holders get a voice in shaping the project, which can directly affect the collectability of their NFTs.

Exclusive community access

Holders get access to exclusive parts of our community and opportunities within it.

Your NFT can become a legend in the Elderworld

Top holders within our ecosystem can have their NFTs featured prominently in our marketing and products, such as our books. This can directly improve the collectability of the NFT.

Community value - NFTs that inspire and empower holders to create value

Our community is incentivised to create value with us in various ways. Their NFTs can capture the value of those efforts, and this combined with other rewards and prizes incentivises them to create further value. The more our community grows and creates value with us, the more valuable our NFTs can become.

Community value is only sustainable when members have an incentive to create value unrelated to the price of the NFT. This is best achieved by bringing value into the system from outside as we are with our products and wider ecosystem. Most NFT and crypto projects fail because they do not focus on bringing value into the system, which can often mean community energy fizzles out.

Perpetual value - An NFT value capture mechanism that can fuel continual growth

Our NFTs can create perpetual value more powerfully than any other project we’ve seen. Product sales inject economic value from outside the system and this can increase the passive income and other rewards. The products can also make the NFTs more desirable as collectables.

Our community can also create social and sentimental value with us, and this can propel the demand for the NFT, and the more value the NFT captures (economic, collectable, ecosystem, community), the more value the community can be inspired to create.

The more sales we make, the more we can also grow our ecosystem benefits.

This has the potential to create a perpetual-value cycle never seen before in NFT.

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