↔️Bridging web2 and web3

Creating a fantasy world through literature and gaming can give us the best chances of bringing web2 audiences to web3.

Our gamification will begin targeting and engaging web3 audiences, making it fun and rewarding to collect our NFTs. Later, we want to create a seamless gaming experience for web2 players to interact with our ecosystem without any of the current barriers to entry. More info will come when we are at that stage.

Fantasy literature in the form of stories, novels, audio, etc. are an exceptional way to gain a web2 audience. We’ll put links and info about our community, game and NFT collections in the back matter of the relevant books. Those who have enjoyed the books are much more likely to appreciate the credibility of everything else in our ecosystem and engage with us at a deeper level.

We intend to create a solid and welcoming onboarding experience for those who want to jump from web2 into web3.

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